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iOS and Android Version 121 Release Notes

March 11, 2017 21:47

Project options large

Today I am launching version 1.2.1 of the Oncue GTD apps for Android and iOS. The focus of this release has been general project management.

Creating Projects

For the first time, projects can be created and updated from within the app. Previously, users we would have had to go to the web application to create a project. Now, on the review screen (which lists projects), you will see a plus icon at the top of the screen. Tapping this will allow you to create a new project.

Editing Projects

I took inspiration from the new tasks menu in version 1.1.8 to allow multiple actions for one project, without having to change the UI. Now, on the review screen, when you tap on a project, you'll be presented with 3 options. View, edit and delete. Clicking view will take you to the tasks within that project, edit will allow you to change the project name and add notes and delete will well.... delete.

Adding Tasks Directly To A List Or Project

Previously, the only way we could add a task would be to collect it to our inbox and process it. While this is the correct and most pure way to implement GTD, there are times when you just quickly want to add something to a list (adding shopping list items to your errands list for example). Now on both the project and list screens, you'll see a + icon in the top right. Tapping this will allow you to do what was described above.

I hope everyone enjoys this release. As always, I welcome your feedback!

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