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GTD Software Features


With Oncue, you can easily collect from multiple devices, into one central inbox. What you collect will wait for you in your inbox until you're ready to process it. Oncue GTD software will make processing your inbox is a simple process by allowing you to free select contexts, projects, due dates and start dates. When you've processed one item, we'll automatically display the next one to you saving you vital time and mouse clicks.


We know that contexts aren't as simple as they used to be. That's why we've built our software to allow you to have a task with as many contexts as you like. When you register, you'll automatically have the GTD recommended contexts available but you can add and remove as many as you like.

Time and Energy

Feeling tired or short of time? Your GTD software should work for you, not the other way around. When processing your inbox, you can specify an estimated time and energy level for a task. You can then filter your lists by these two factors. So, when you've got 10 minutes before your next meeting, you'll know exactly what you can do!

Project List

Your GTD project list is very often the difference between calm and stress. Our software makes it easy for you to get a simple overview of all of your projects, but still allows you to focus in on individual projects to give them the time and attention they deserve.

Areas of Focus

Your areas of focus allow you to get a higher level view of your life. Oncue's areas of focus view lets you easily see which areas of your life are getting the most attention and which are lacking attention. You can create as many areas of focus as you like.


Saving for something special? Our software allows you to create and track as many goals as you like. The goals overview shows you how much attention you're giving to each goal. You can also see which area of focus your goal belongs to so that you can make sure you're working towards something for every area of your life.

Mobile Apps

Our mobile apps are available on Android and iOS. They make a perfect companion for when you're on the move but still need to get things done. They're always in sync and give you access to great functionality that you need when you're out and about. You can process your inbox, view your task lists, complete and edit tasks, view your projects and most importantly, you can quickly collect ideas to your inbox.

Due Dates (Pro)

If you have a task that needs to be done for a specific date, you can easily set this when processing your inbox. Oncue allows you to set a specific date or time for a task and will order your task lists with the closest due date at the top. If you're on Your due dates will also appear in your Google Calendar.

Google Calendar (Pro)

If you're a Google Calendar user you can link your Google account with your Oncue account and see all of your due dates in your Google Calendar. Got a busy week ahead? This feature will help you plan accordingly in your weekly review.

Capture By Email (Pro)

Oncue Pro allows you to quickly send an email to your Oncue inbox making capture of tasks even easier. If you're processing your emails or prefer to collect by sending an email to yourself, this feature will greatly enhance your Oncue experience and simplify your personal GTD experience.

Chrome Plugin (Pro)

You can download our Chrome plugin Oncue Quick Collect. If you're browsing the web and get a sudden spark of inspiration, you can quickly and seamlessly collect your thoughts without leaving the web page that you're on.